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One pillow, two pillows, three or seven?

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When do we know how many pillows are enough or too much for our bed? The answer isn’t scientific, that’s for sure. So don’t feel guilty if you’re someone who has decorative pillows that have no other purpose than to do exactly what it says— to decorate. I have about three decorative pillows on my bed and yes, I have to move them out of the way every night. It’s completely worth it because during the day they make my bed look as appealing as the mock-up beds you see at the department stores! søk om refinansiering

However, is there a number where the line needs to be drawn? Let’s break it down, essentially, you need two pillows to sleep on at night— if you’re feeling fancy— you need two more pillows with shams on top of those. Then of course, come the decorative pillows, which should be limited to one or two because at this point, you have about Classy LAX airport transport. There’s no algorithm to define the ratio of sleeping pillows to throw pillows, which is why at the end of the day, if you want to come home and bury yourself in a nest of pillows, so be it! Which leads me to say, indulge and get yourself a decorative pillow, because I can vouch to say that it’ll make your bed look like heaven, thus feeling like heaven and when it comes to keeping them clean, Rush Maid will take care of that for you!

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